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Formula 3 F308 Volkswagen Franciacorta

Take part in a driving course on a real Formula 3 F308 Volkswagen.
Our F308 has Volkswagen Power Engine and it is a combination of technology, aerodynamics and power and Daniel Bonara racetrack, in Franciacorta, near Brescia, is a perfect place for people who love four wheels and who like to try very strong feelings,among strong and fast brakings, a gorgeous wide corner and a lot of direction changes.


2,5 km
Track length

519 m
Straight length

  • Drive a Formula 3 F308 Volkswagen in Franciacorta with Puresport
  • Franciacorta

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  • 45-minute technical briefing
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Puresport video

Formula 3 F308 Volkswagen

Dallara Formula 3 is the most successful racing series in the world . 90% of the teams who want their drivers to compete in the international series choose Dallara .Our F308 has a 2 liters 4 cylinders Volkswagen Power Engine (so named after its derivation from the standard one of a Volkswagen F3, but with extra 30 hp), is a combination of technology , aerodynamics and power . Its 250 hp of power generated by the 4-cylinder engine and its appropriate balance even allow you to reach 260 km / h.
The aerodynamics of this car is without any doubt, the most important feature , thanks to the 308 , Dallara has been able to test new solutions derived from Formula 1. Driving it gives a sense of safety and efficiency that other cars can not provide.
This car is recommended to those who have already had an experience on our F302 at least. ( link ) Drexler 6-speed sequential trasmission , 6000 Rpm , carbon clutch , ventilated brakes with a carbon air conveyor.

Franciacorta racetrack

Length: 2,519 m
Width: 12.00 m constant
Forward direction: Clockwise
N. of right bends: 8
N. of left bends: 5

The “Daniel Bonara” racetrack is located Franciacorta, in Lombardy, a region famous for its wine production in the Brescia province near Bargnana.
The Franciacorta racetrack is an important structure dedicated to engines: it is impeccable from a safety and technological point of view and it is a constantly evolving sports venue created purposely for car and sport racing enthusiasts as well as for the whole family. The racetrack, which can be easily reached from all over Italy, is in fact made up of a track, convention centre, restaurant and leisure facilities: perfect for four-wheel lovers or corporate incentive and team building events in Lombardy. Those lucky ones who have the chance of driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini on this fantastic racetrack will experience very strong feelings, as it combines breath-taking tight driving conditions with a definitely faster new section, featuring powerful off-throttling, a gorgeous wide bend and direction changes with gradient variations to test even the most experienced drivers. All this in the utmost safety, thanks to Puresport trainers and the wide escape routes.

Experience restrictions

programme sample

8:00 a.m. Welcome, staff presentation, hand out of driving suit
8:30 a.m. Theory and racing technique course
- braking
- Management the power and usage of steering
- Driving trajectories and proper use of the gearbox
- Analysis of the racetrack
9:30 a.m. Reconnaissance of the track on Puresport shuttle, paddle shifter, acceleration and braking approach
10:00 a.m. first series of laps with Formula 3 F308 Volkswagen cars and technical de-briefing
12:15 a.m. Lunch
2:00 p.m. Acquaintance with the vehicle, engine start, driving session with Formula 3 F308 Volkswagen car
5:30 p.m. Final comment and hand out of Formula racing certificates – Final toast

Technical details

Dallara F308 aerodynamic kit F311
Engine: Volkswagen Spiess Power Engine 2000cc 4-cylinder in line
Potenza: 245 Hp at 7500 revolutions/min
Maximum speed: 260 Kmh (160 Mph)
Gearbox: sequential 6-speed Drexler front grafting
Peso: 475 kg


  • Guarantee on payments
    20 years in the business
  • Exclusive
    for race tracks in Monza, Vairano and Cremona
  • The rule of 12 - Puresport track days are always in exclusive
    In no cases you will find more than 12 cars on the race track. If you find any more, we will refund your money in full.
    Organizing track days in full exclusive comes with higher costs compared to shared events, but we are confident that living your driving experience in safety and comfort is priceless.
  • Date and race track guaranteed
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  • Professional instructors
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  • Customer service
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  • Open voucher extension
    you get 3 more months in case of track day cancellation
  • Best value for money
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Hotels we recommend

HOTEL Touring Franciacorta 4*

40, v. Vittorio Emanuele II
25030 Coccaglio (BS)
tel: 030 7721084


Via Barussa, 1
25030 Castrezzato (Brescia)
Tel. 0307040662


The arrival time at the track will be sent to the client about 10 days before the event; in the same mailing, we also list the documents required to attend the track day for acceptance and signature.


The Formula car driving courses usually lasts the between half day (for 10-lap experiences) and full day (for 20 or 30 laps and Formula 1 experiences).


If you choose "onboard camera car" service, video will be sent to your email address with a download link around 2 weeks after attending your experience.

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